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2023 NFL Fantasy Rankings Top 50

Benny Scheinmann

Sports Editor

Benny Scheinmann is a fantasy football expert and throughout his eight-year experience with fantasy football has never won the championship. With that being said, he has never missed the playoffs and is yet to finish outside of the top 5. Here are his top 50 players in fantasy football for this season (1 point per reception).

  1. J. Jefferson MIN WR

  2. C. McCaffrey SF RB

  3. J. Chase CIN WR

  4. A. Ekeler LAC RB

  5. T. Hill MIA WR

  6. C. Kupp LAR WR

  7. B. Robinson ATL RB

  8. T. Kelce KC TE

  9. T. Pollard DAL RB

  10. C. Lamb DAL WR

  11. S. Diggs BUF WR

  12. S. Barkley NYG RB

  13. N. Chubb CLE RB

  14. G. Wilson NYJ WR

  15. A. Brown PHI WR

  16. A. St. Brown DET WR

  17. D. Henry TEN RB

  18. D. Adams LV WR

  19. J. Hurts PHI QB

  20. P. Mahomes KC QB

  21. J. Jacobs LV RB

  22. J. Allen BUF QB

  23. J. Taylor IND RB

  24. C. Olave NO WR

  25. J. Waddle MIA WR

  26. D. Smith PHI WR

  27. C. Ridley JAC WR

  28. T. Etienne JAC RB

  29. J. Mixon CIN RB

  30. L. Jackson BAL QB

  31. M. Andrews BAL TE

  32. T. Higgins CIN WR

  33. R. Stevenson NE RB

  34. J. Gibbs DET RB

  35. A. Jones GB RB

  36. J. Fields CHI QB

  37. D. Moore CHI QB

  38. A. Cooper CLE WR

  39. B. Hall NYJ RB

  40. J. Conner ARI RB

  41. D. Samuel SF WR

  42. J. Cook BUF RB

  43. K. Allen LAC WR

  44. T. Hockenson TE

  45. R. White TB RB

  46. J. Burrow CIN QB

  47. A. Mattison MIN RB

  48. D. Waller NYG TE

  49. C. Watson GB WR

  50. N. Harris PIT RB


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