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2024 Upper School Shabbaton

By Aviva Markowitz, Opinion Editor

This year’s Upper School Shabbaton was a major hit with over 100 students attending, meaning 40 more than last year. The fun weekend was full of activities alongside praying and singing. Some of the activities included basketball, board games, building Legos, and of course snacking. Friday night began with Kabbalat Shabbat full of joyous singing together and ended with a delicious dinner provided by our school (supervised for Kashrut by Rabbi Yondorf). After dinner, there was free time until curfew when students went back to their bunks to hang out with their friends. Shabbat included breakfast, four different praying options including meditation and nature walk, and Egalitarian and Orthodox options for the Torah service. Afterwards, students gathered to have lunch with each other, and had free time with optional activities sprinkled throughout the afternoon such as board games and sports. The campsite was the perfect place to take a long walk with friends and have meaningful conversations. Finally, after such a fun day, everyone congregated for Havdalah and Zmirot, and afterwards went to the long-awaited glow party. Students were given white shirts to wear with the phrase “we will dance again” and smeared their hands in glow paint to celebrate at the party together. Everyone danced in the mess hall and enjoyed ice cream and french fries. Throughout the Shabbaton, upper school students were able to bond and form new friendships, along with making their previous friendships stronger. Everyone is so excited for next year’s Shabbaton!


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