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A Summer at Home

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Eliana Weinstein

Staff Writer

During summers prior to coronavirus, many Barrack students would spend their time at a beloved camp, vacationing with their families, or taking day-trips to fun places. With a rapidly changing world, Barrack students were forced to change their plans because of the rules and regulations regarding coronavirus. Brynn Landow ‘24 said, “In late May, my camp, Saginaw, decided to close due to coronavirus. I was devastated, and left with nothing much to do this summer.”

Many students at Barrack felt the same way as each of their summer camps closed one by one. Other students’ plans for vacations slowly but surely began to get canceled as well. Although a few sleep-away camps stayed open, and some local trips remained attainable, many students were still at home with very little to do. 

When summer began, students started to brainstorm ideas on how to make this vacation still incredible. Andy Jacoby ‘24 explained that he “found new activities he had never thought of doing during other summers. Some were as simple as playing with his own games in his house!” Along with exploring their houses, many Barrack students found ways to hang out with their friends, socially distant, making this summer fun and social while still following coronavirus rules and regulations. “Online shopping, day trips to the beach, painting, and keeping active were all ways I found kept me happy this summer,” said Brynn Landow ‘24. 

Spending time outdoors was especially important for me during July and August. Without taking a far vacation, my family and I were lucky enough to go camping.

On our trip we spent the entire time outside, taking beautiful hikes in Pennsylvania and New York, and having a good time. The rest of the summer I spent at home doing bike rides, painting, and baking with friends over the phone. 

Although this summer was sad in many ways for students at Barrack, they were extremely creative, finding different ways to stay happy during this challenging time at home. 


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