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AI should be allowed in schools

By Aviva Markowitz, Opinion Editor

No one in today’s society has not heard of the overwhelming take-over of AI. Whether it is for meal prep plans or writing your English paper, AI is used every day to benefit the average person. AI has had a negative impact on schools nationwide with 54% of teens using it to cheat on exams or essays. This brings up the question: can AI be trusted around teens, especially in an educational setting? The answer is yes. While developers are still working on advancing most AI’s intelligence, the programs used today are too unreliable since they often get facts, mathematical formulas, and basic information wrong. This makes the use of AI easy to catch. The idea of AI advancing every day brings up another question: what do we do when it gets too advanced to be caught? AI blockers are able to be put in place on student’s computers, but instead of pushing students away from AI, they should be shown how to use it effectively. Many students will use AI to create practice problems as a way of getting ready for a test. Some will use the artificial images created by AI as parts of their presentations. AI can also help students who have trouble with creativity, giving ideas for projects that rely on a creative aspect. Overall, AI can seem untrustworthy for teachers and parents, but it can help students learn more and become more advanced at certain skills. 


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