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AI Taking Over the Music Industry

Aviva Markowitz

Arts & Entertainment Editor

AI music, or the composition of songs using artificial intelligence, uses samples of pre-existing music to create new songs, or can learn to make its own music from scratch. AI music platforms like Boomy,, Soundful, and Soundraw can all create new music, but the problem is that most of the songs sound similar or exactly the same. AIVA is a more advanced platform that has music genres already planted into its system which can help you make a more authentic sound.

AI music can become a real problem when it comes to the artists who create. There’s no harm in adding a bit of technology into music. It’s actually improved a lot of musicians’ careers, but the idea of adding in AI music can be a bit tricky. Artists can quickly lose their jobs over a technological system that requires no salary whatsoever. These are artists who write, produce, and sing their own songs, working very hard to climb to the top.

Another issue with AI music is that it loses its authenticity. A large part of music is the humanity in it, describing emotions that only people can understand. It’s difficult to listen to a robot singing about your feelings when you know they have no clue what they’re talking about. If music is being created by AI it will lose all meaning and reason to it, which will ruin music for all of the people who connect with the songs they listen to on a personal level.


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