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Another Triumphant Year for Barrack’s Mock Trial Team

Jillian Shweky

Opinion Editor

Could friendly competition turn into a cut-throat fight to the death? That is just the question in the 2023- 2024 Pennsylvania mock trial case in which both our defense team and our prosecution team were victorious within their competitions. Geoffrey Esper was a successful business owner in Wasawe, Pennsylvania. His business was located in a square bustling with customers, but also competition. Esper's greedy nature led him to launch a war on his competitors, resulting in him buying out the square, and evicting the other businesses. Esper’s success came to a sudden end when he and his dog were shot dead in his office. Who would do this? Why would someone commit such a vicious act? Could it have been revenge?

With months of preparation studying this year's murder trial, the Barrack mock trial (A and B) teams traveled to Montgomery Courthouse. They presented their cases in different courtrooms with judges who acted as if this were a real case. An esteemed jury watched and came to a conclusion at the end of the trial. Each of our teams competed against another school's team, who remain anonymous. Thanks to Barrack seniors Don Miller, Tal Tzabbar, and Rachel Loeb, younger grade participants were mentored and led to success. Rachel Scheinmann, the Mock Trial Faculty advisor, along with Carole Cleere, Lisa Sandler (Barrack Board President), and Joelle Margolin have been there to pave the way through this case. From learning objections and hearsay, to closing statements, they have been there to lend a helping hand. 

The mock trial team’s cooperation, dedication, and unity has gotten them so far and we look forward to seeing their future success next year!


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