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Artist of the Edition: Ean Geller Nocella

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Margot Englander

Features and Games Editor

Ean Geller Nocella is a 9th grader at JBHA. He has been drawing for about four years now. He mainly does digital painting and line-art, however, he enjoys trying out all sorts of styles and mediums. Much of his inspiration comes from the things he sees during his “travels”--from the giant, intricate, refineries clustered across the Delaware River, to the diverse wildlife of Long Island. A big influence on much of his art has been H.R. Giger’s original concepts for Aliens, and countless comics. The rectangular piece is called “Salmon”, and he finished it on February 3rd. The robot piece was done on May 6th, and is untitled. He has never taken any art classes except in school, and these days almost all of his work is done outside of school. If you want to check out a piece of his work, there is one hanging in the library!


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