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Artist of the Edition: Rena Civan

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Margot Englander

Features and Games Editor

Rena Civan is an eighth grader at JBHA this year. She is the oldest of three children and loves her two dogs. Her favorite mediums to work with are alcohol markers and pencils. However, she also dabbles in other visual art forms including painting, crocheting,and sewing. She has only recently started using the more complicated mediums, but has always enjoyed art. She’s taken lessons at the Main Line Art Center, but also works on her own. Rena has taken art classes with Ms. Laura Stern at Barrack since 6th grade. Last year, before COVID, she worked on a piece in a mural class, and she is hoping that it will be hung up soon! One of Rena’s favorite parts of art is seeing images from her head come to life. She loves taking a blank canvas and transforming it into art. She is looking forward to creating more art in the future!


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