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Margot Englander

Arts, Features, and Games Editor

Hey Jack,

The school year has just started, but I’m already worried about the amount of work I’m going to get. What advice do you have about organizing assignments?

Dear Student,

First and foremost, I would recommend using a planner. I use the Barrack Planner because it’s personalized to the unique Barrack schedule, but any planner could work. Create a to-do list, and set easy goals! Start with easy to accomplish, daily/weekly goals. Then, plan out long-term assignments, such as big projects or tests. You should figure out what organizational method works for you. Maybe it’s color coding for each class, binders for each class with clear divisions, or your own method!

Hey Jack,

I’m on a Barrack Sports Team, and I have other extracurriculars. How do I balance everything that I’m doing, including schoolwork?

Dear Student,

It can be tough figuring out how to balance homework and assignments along with all your extracurriculars! First, write out your schedule. See what days are busier than others and plan out which days you’re going to do more of your schoolwork. Figure out your priorities. If extracurriculars overlap, which activity is more important to you? And remember, take a break. You don’t want to burn out.

Hey Jack,

I’m new to Barrack, and I’m still confused about the layout [of the campus] and where my classes are located. What happens if I get lost? What happens if I’m late to class?

Dear Student,

It can seem scary at first with such a large building, but once you figure it out, it’ll seem so much easier. Here are a couple of tips to avoid getting lost or being late to class. Find someone who’s in the same class as you, maybe they have a better idea of where the class is located. Teachers will understand if you are late to a class during the first couple of weeks of school, and when school is in full force, you’ll be able to navigate the building like a pro!


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