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Margot Englander

Features and Games Editor

Dear Jack,

Are teachers allowed to give assessments on the same day as midterms? Seniors are supposed to take their midterms and then leave for the day, but our history teacher has scheduled a test. I feel like this is unfair and should be addressed.

Dear Student,

(This question applies just to seniors) Yes, the history unit test is allowed to be scheduled on the same day as the science midterm. Traditionally, we have scheduled two days of midterm exams for seniors, with 1-2 tests each day. This year, we have spread out the two midterms over two days and kept the scheduled history unit test (one-period test) for the first morning. The history test was rescheduled from Hanukkah, during which we wanted students to experience a lighter workload. Seniors may leave after the science midterm (at the end of the day Wednesday 12/8) and after the math midterm (on Thursday morning 12/9), giving them the rest of the day off and an extra-long weekend, as Friday 12/10 is Records Day and there is no school.

Dear Jack,

I know that girls aren't allowed to show shoulders, but then why do girls' sports uniforms (such as tennis) have no sleeves and short-length shorts? Both of these go against the policy, so why are they allowed?

Dear Student,

As we've previously discussed with students, while we are always re-evaluating our sports uniforms and policies, a sports environment is very different from an academic one and the dress code reflects these different environments.

Dear Jack,

Why aren't vaccines required for eligible students?

Dear Student

Up until recently, 6th graders were unable to get vaccinated, and still, ages up to 16 are not FDA approved, (they are only emergency approved), we didn’t want to require them. Students ages 16 and older are only juniors and seniors, and only a small portion of these students remain unvaccinated. In fact, most eligible students are vaccinated. We may, in the future, require vaccines for students.


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