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Ask Jack!

Ariel Shavit

Staff Writer

In this article, anonymous student questions are answered by Barack Faculty and Staff.

Dear Jack,

Now everyone in the school is eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. Is Barack going to require it? If they do, will they lift the mask mandate?

(Jack spoke to Rabbi Lesack and Nurse Cecchine)

Dear Student,

Barrack is always consulting with their health committee and paying close attention to the larger community. They have been discussing these questions and everything is constantly changing, so it is hard to make one decision. In the future, it may change. (Rabbi Lesack)

“While no decision has yet been made on requiring the COVID-19 vaccine/booster or lifting the mask mandate, we continue to assess the situation and will make decisions that we feel are best for our community while keeping everybody as safe as possible. At the moment, we highly encourage vaccines, and are happy to report A very high vaccination rate within our community. Even with vaccines, we have not yet made any new decisions on mask wearing while indoors.” (Nurse Cecchine)

Dear Jack,

How do I start my own club?

(Jack spoke to Mr. Dorsch)

Dear Student,

“First step is to decide whether you actually have an idea for a club. Clubs are not just a project but a group of people gathering over common interests or activities.

Once you’ve determined you have an idea, complete the club application form. It can be found on the SA portal or the Clubs Canvas page. It asks questions about the nature and purpose of your club, the roles and responsibilities of members and your faculty advisor, as well as some logistical questions about when you would like to meet. The last section of the application requires your signature, the signatures of your advisor, a dean or division director, the student club coordinator, and at least five potential members.

After completion, submit the form to the student club coordinator, who will share the application with the Student Association for a vote. A simple majority of grade representatives approves your club (“Constitution of the Student Association of the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy,” art. VIII, sec. A).”

Dear Jack,

We have so many sports teams, but we’re missing a key one. Why is there not a Barrack football team?

(Jack spoke to Athletic Director Bistline)

Dear Student,

“There are two big reasons we don't have football at Barrack. We don't have enough students [and] players to safely have a football team. [Also,] almost all high school football games are played on Fridays and Saturdays, which we are not able to do. Additionally, football is the type of sport where it is unsafe to play games earlier or later [at times against other schools].”


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