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Mikaela Garber

Managing Editor

How should I prepare academically for school next year over the summer?

Jack interviewed some students and teachers about how to prepare. The teachers recommend doing the summer work (before the last week of summer!) so that you know what concepts you need to brush up on. If there are any subjects or specific concepts that you feel particularly shaky in, summer is a good time to do some practice problems without the stress of grades. In addition to doing the summer work, the students were in agreement that organizing before school starts is helpful. Making sure you have all of the required materials will make the transition back to school less stressful.

How can I stay connected with my friends over the summer when we are going to be in different places?

It is hard to go from seeing your friends every day at school to maybe not at all. If your friends aren’t going away to camp, I encourage you to text them just to say hi and set up times to facetime. If they live close by, hang out at each other’s house or plan a fun activity to do together! Even though it might be harder to stay in contact with friends who are at camp, it is always fun to communicate the old-fashioned way, through letters! And, of course, camp, jobs, and other activities are a great way to meet new people as well!

Tips for going into a higher grade?

It might be scary to think about more rigorous classes and work, but your teachers will make sure you feel prepared for tests and are very understanding. Getting to know your teachers personally is really helpful! Don’t be afraid to ask them questions; they are there to help you. Also, make sure to stay on top of your work instead of leaving assignments for the last minute. While work is important, taking care of your health is just as crucial, so make sure to get enough sleep and take time for yourself; it will help you focus better at school and on homework!


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