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Athlete of the Issue

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Max Hirsch

Arts & Entertainment Editor

It is truly a rare thing at our small school to find an athlete so gifted that they can single-handedly change the course of their sports team’s season. Thinking about my time at Barrack, a few athletes and their respective sports come to mind: Jordan Naim ‘20 (Soccer), Gabe Bryant ‘18 (Basketball), and Jacob Felger ‘18 (Baseball). What I haven’t seen, however, is someone who could dominate a sport in each season to the extent that Jessie Singer has. Over the course of her time at Barrack, her athletic accomplishments have been nothing short of exceptional. Starting in 8th grade, Jessie has been a central part of the Varsity Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse teams. She’s received numerous all-star selections, won various awards, broken school records, and led her teams to many championships across all three sports. As a spectator, watching her play is captivating. At any given moment, she can take over the game -- whether that is through her shifty runs and crisp passes in soccer and lacrosse, or her fast breaks and lights out three-point shooting in basketball.

It is her leadership, though, that stands out most to her teammates. As Arielle Zabusky, another accomplished three-sport athlete puts it, Jessie “motivates every player to give 100% every practice and game.” Her work ethic and positive attitude are “contagious, and really make the game more fun,” Zabusky said of her longtime teammate. Dayna Felger, another one of the program’s phenomenal athletes, emphasized Singer’s selflessness when commending her, saying that Jessie “truly wants to see her teammates successful, celebrating their success to the same extent, if not more, than her own.” When mentioning Jessie’s name to her teammates and coaches, you could feel their excitement arise, which is truly telling of the type of athlete and person she is.

As our senior year progresses, it’s sad to see such an incredible high school athletics career come to a close. With that being said, the impact Jessie Singer has left on our athletic program will forever be felt. I think we’re all anticipating that Jessie will follow right in the footsteps of her mother, Leah Lande, and become one of our school’s few 1000 point scorers and Hall of Fame inductees. Congratulations on an amazing athletic career, Jessie!


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