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Athlete of the Issue: Dayna Felger '22

Danny Cohen


In sports, a leader is an individual who gives 100% effort at all times, is a supportive teammate, and a model for how everyone else should act, all while putting the entire team ahead of themselves. Dayna Felger ‘22 undoubtedly checks all of these boxes. Whether she is playing basketball, soccer, softball or lacrosse, Dayna’s leadership has a large impact on her teams’ success.

Dayna’s favorite part about being a Cougar is the “welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community surrounding athletics.” Dayna has played on Barrack’s Varsity teams since middle school, where she began softball as a 6th grader and basketball and soccer in 8th grade. Despite being more than four years younger than some of her competitors, she was able to keep up with the tough competition, which Felger says was a result of her teammates’ support. As she puts it, “everyone truly wants to see each other thrive, with every team member supporting one another to succeed in a friendly and cohesive team environment.” Now, as a senior leader, Dayna is committed to guiding her younger teammates to be successful and most importantly have an enjoyable experience. “My experiences on various teams at Barrack enabled me to see the importance in supporting and uplifting every member of the team. I have learned that a team is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning it’s imperative to assist and support the inexperienced teammates in order for the team to be successful as a unit.”

Dayna is evidently an extremely accomplished athlete, as she has been a part of two championship teams. She recalls winning the basketball championship her freshman year as an “incredibly empowering” moment for herself and her teammates, “validating the hard work we had put in over the course of the season.” It was “my favorite moment thus far as a Cougar. We were left incredibly proud of our accomplishments that season as we improved both individually and as a team.” Not only is Dayna a two time champion, but she has also won the softball Most Valuable Player Award three times, and the soccer MVP and Coaches’ Award.

Apart from being an incredible athlete, Dayna’s character sticks out to her teammates. Jessie Singer ‘22, a friend, classmate, and teammate of Dayna, says, “I love being Dayna’s teammate because she’s always so supportive of myself and the rest of the team. Not only does she excel at every sport she plays, but her kindness on and off the field/court helps create an incredible dynamic for every team she’s on.” She describes Dayna as “reliable, loyal, spirited, and inclusive.” Talia Hirshman ‘22 “love[s] having Dayna as a teammate because she is encouraging, positive, and thoughtful regardless of the circumstances.”

As her athletic career at Barrack is nearing an end, Dayna wanted to show her appreciation for her teachers at JBHA. “I would like to particularly thank my teachers for being incredibly supportive and accommodating towards student athletes. They show their support through attending various games, assisting students in making up tests and class work, and meeting one-on-one to discuss material that students may have missed due to games.”

The Cougar Chronicle wishes Dayna the best of luck in all of her sports and future endeavors!

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