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Athlete of the Issue - Gabby Thomas

Benny Scheinmann

Sports editor

Gabby Thomas’s senior soccer season was nothing short of spectacular, leaving a mark on the field and on the hearts of her teammates. Gabby's ability to score goals, set up plays, and lead the team as team captain has been the driving force behind her memorable season.

Gabby Thomas proved to be a force to be reckoned with on the field, consistently finding the back of the net throughout the season. Scoring 15, her goal-scoring ability not only showcased her individual skill but also played a crucial role in the team's wins. With a keen eye for the goal and a precise finishing touch, Gabby emerged as a top scorer for the Barrack Varsity soccer team.

Along with her goal-scoring, Gabby also showed herself as a playmaker, setting up goals for her teammates, and tallying a total of 21 assists. Her vision on the field and ability to read the game allowed her to create scoring opportunities, showcasing a selfless approach. Gabby's passing and decision-making were able to elevate the team's overall performance and lead them to Barrack's first Quaker Cup Championship.

As the captain of the team, Gabby Thomas embodied leadership both on and off the field. Gabby has “ been playing soccer ever since [she] could walk. It is a large part of who [she is]. Stepping on to the field is [her] favorite part of the day”. Gabby’s love of the game served as a source of inspiration for her teammates, instilling a sense of unity and determination. Gabby led by example, displaying a relentless work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Her ability to motivate and uplift her teammates in challenging moments was a testament to her exceptional leadership qualities.

Gabby's impact extended beyond the soccer field, as she acted as a positive influence on the team’s spirit. Whether it was through mentoring younger players, or representing the team with sportsmanship, Gabby demonstrated the qualities of a true role model.

Gabby Thomas's senior soccer season has been nothing short of phenomenal. Although being snubbed from the Friends League Honorable Mention, Gabby’s success was widely recognized by her coaches and teammates. Congratulations Gabby on a terrific senior season!


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