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Athlete of the Issue: Noa Singer

By Jonah Pappas, Sports Editor

I had the pleasure of sitting down with sophomore lacrosse star Noa Singer recently, here is an excerpt from that conversation.

Jonah: Hi Noa, welcome to the studio today. Thank you for doing this interview with me

Noa: Thank you for having me.

Jonah: You’ve been named Athlete of the Issue for the summer issue of the Cougar Chronicle for your exceptional work on the lacrosse field. When did you first start playing lacrosse?

Noa: I first started playing lacrosse in fourth grade, recreationally. 

Jonah: When did you start playing Barrack lacrosse?

Noa: I started playing Barrack lacrosse in 8th grade.

Jonah: What position do you play and what do you enjoy the most about the lacrosse team?

Noa: I play midfield, and the thing that I enjoy the most is playing as a team, and not only working together on the field but being close friends with everyone off the field as well. 

Jonah: Can you share a memorable moment or game from your lacrosse experience at Barrack?

Noa: The first time we played Friends Central this year, many players on the team were struggling with injuries and we were low on numbers. Despite them being a strong team, every player showed mental stamina and played our hardest, eventually making it into overtime. Everybody was sore, we had had a tiring week, but we all pushed through and ended up winning in overtime. 

Jonah: How do you balance your academic studies here at Barrack with your commitment to lacrosse and other sports?

Noa: Although it is sometimes difficult to balance academic studies with my commitment to sports as a whole, I find that when I don’t procrastinate and am as productive as possible with any free time I have, it is easier to manage to be busy with sports and succeed academically. 

Jonah: Have you faced any challenges or stereotypes as a Jewish athlete, and how do you navigate them?

Noa: As a Jewish athlete, I have faced challenges in terms of conflicts with teams outside of school having practices or games on Friday nights, or important Jewish holidays when I have to be in synagogue. It is especially hard when coaches aren’t as accepting and understanding of missing sports for religious reasons, which is part of why it is so amazing that nobody is ever at a disadvantage in Barrack sports for any religious reasons. 

Jonah: Are there any traditions or rituals you observe before games that are important to you?

Noa: Before every game, I like to close my eyes and take a second to breathe and ground myself, to think about my objectives for the game, and to remind myself that it isn’t something to be stressed about. In basketball and lacrosse this year, this “ritual” was done as a team, and before every game, we huddled up and did a short breathing exercise together. 

Jonah: Thank you so much for having this conversation with me. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors. 

Noa: Thank you for having me! 


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