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Barrack’s 4 Most Important Anti-COVID Policies

By Aron Shklar

As COVID-19 has continued to change, Barrack has sent email after email with new and increasingly strange rules to prevent an outbreak within the school. In order to help students understand the various policies and stay safe, the Kugel Chronicle has created a list of the four most important policies to help you stay safe:

1. Masks must remain on while standing, but not sitting (unless you are in a classroom)!

  • Remember, COVID can only spread if you are standing! The virus is unable to leap from person to person if you are sitting, so no need for a mask while you sit! But remember, COVID also has the ability to spread if you are sitting in a classroom - this is the only time you MUST wear a mask while sitting

2. Follow the four Derech Eretz values!

  • According to the BCDSAC (Barrack Center for Disease, Student, and Arts Control), one of the easiest ways to accidentally catch COVID is by violating our beloved Derech Eretz policies! Honor (Kavod), Courage (Ometz Lev), Kindness (Hesed) and Community (Kehillah) are your best defenses against COVID!

3. Fill out your Ruva every morning while holding your phone at a 93 degree angle!

  • Studies from the BCDSAC show that your daily Ruvna will come back more accurately when you complete it at a 93 degree angle! This allows greater safety for the school, with a 79% accuracy rate compared to filling out Ruvna with your phone at a different angle!

4. Wear your swipe cards!

  • This one has been encouraged for years, but groundbreaking studies have proved that, when worn on a lanyard around your neck, the swipe card DEFEATS the coronavirus! Science can’t explain how or why, but regardless, make sure to wear that swipe card!


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