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Behind the "Blue Jersey": An Interview with Kiba the Cougar

Margot Englander

Centerspread Editor

With the school year fast approaching, the Cougar Chronicle wanted to sit down with our favorite four-legged friend, Kiba The Cougar, and find out more about our friend behind the blue jersey. Kiba is the face of the Barrack community, and can be found cheering at the annual pep rally, and most athletic events throughout the rest of the year. Kiba was lovingly given his name a couple of years ago, inspired by Barrack’s former name – Akiba. Kiba was happy to talk to the Chronicle and share his thoughts and opinions as our school mascot.

Chronicle: So, Kiba, what are you looking forward to this year?

Kiba: I LOVE being a part of the Barrack community. This year, as we’ve joined a new athletic league, I’m looking forward to cheering on our teams as they take on new competition. I believe in our teams, and I’m excited to see what this year holds for them!

Chronicle: If you were to play on any of our Barrack sports teams, which would you choose?

Kiba: I’d have to pick our basketball team. I’ve spent so much time with them that I feel like I’m a member already! (Besides my lack of hand-eye coordination skills – not having thumbs makes it a little bit tricky).

Chronicle: What are your responsibilities as our mascot?

Kiba: Hmm. Well, I don’t think of them as responsibilities, but I am required to have the best dance moves in the gym (sorry cheer team). I try to bring up the energy in the room and encourage each member of the community to participate in the Barrack ruach!!

Chronicle: What is the best part of being the mascot?

Kiba: Like I said before, I love being a part of the Barrack kehillah. I have to say though, that my favorite part is getting to learn Hebrew – רוח, קהילה, כדורסל, סבבה… I’m practically bilingual already!!

Chronicle: What is the hardest part about your job?

Kiba: As a cougar who likes to live in colder climates, I get REALLY REALLY HOT when I’m dancing or jumping around. I wish we had a pool to jump in.

Chronicle: Finally, if you had to pick another animal to become Barrack’s mascot, who would it be?

Kiba: That’s a hard one. I think the “Barrack Cougars” are perfect as they are. If I had to choose, I think I would choose an aardvark. They just seem cool, you know?


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