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Biden vs. Trump: Round 2

Edan Held

World News Editor

It is increasingly likely that the 2024 Presidential race will repeat the one seen in 2016: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden. Speculation of Donald Trump’s 2024 bid for President circulated for some time, and finally, on November 15th, 2022, he officially announced his candidacy to a crowd in Mar-a-Lago. Similarly, after months of waiting, Joe Biden announced on April 25th, 2023, that he would be running for re-election.

If re-elected, Joe Biden will be 82 years old when sworn in, surpassing his current record of 78 years old. Similarly, if elected to a second term, Donald Trump would be 78 years old when inaugurated, tying Joe Biden’s record.

Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s current run for re-election appears to be uncontested. However, even though Donald Trump is up against Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and former US ambassador to the United Nations, and a potential Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, he appears to be the clear frontrunner for the Republican Party.

While the country is gearing up for a 2016 rematch, much of the country does not approve. According to an NBC news survey, 70% of respondents don’t want Joe Biden to run again, and 60% don’t want Trump to either. Despite the election being over 500 days away at the time of writing, all current polls indicate a very tight race, with Biden leading by a few points in some polls and Trump leading by the same margin in others.

While most of the populous does not favor either potential candidate for President, it will likely be a dramatic campaign season throughout the next year and a half as election nears.


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