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Day In The Life of a 6th Grader and a Senior

Claire Englander & Danny Cohen

Staff Writer & Editor-in-Chief

A Sixth Grader:

6:00 AM -- My first alarm goes off!

6:15 AM -- I actually get out of bed.

6:30 AM -- I get dressed and my lunch is packed.

6:45 AM -- I eat my breakfast and wait for my siblings to come downstairs.

7:00 AM -- I get my shoes on and grab a coat for the cold weather.

7:15 -- I catch my Barrack van to take me to school.

8:10 -- I arrive at school! I check in with my ruvna and I head up to my locker.

8:15 -- AM. Experiential Rotation. Today I learned about the rituals of Hannukah.

8:50 -- Core on the 4th floor. It’s a long walk up, but it’s worth it because today I’m learning about Ancient Mesopotamia, including playing a fun kahoot.

9:35 -- Break. I head out to the front circle with my friends to see what fun sale is happening today.

10:00 -- Math next, I’m in Algebra 1 pt. 1 and we’re getting our quizzes back--I’m very proud of myself.

10:50 -- Next is Science where we’re starting a project about how humans affect the earth and the earth affects humans. I’m happy to be working with my friend on this.

11:40 -- JST. My class is talking about the parsha of the week. We know how to find each verse in the Tanakh, because of our fun scavenger hunt.

12:25-- My favorite class of the day. I head to the back patio near Mrs. Underwood’s office to eat lunch with my friends. We check out what clubs are happening today, but decide that today is a free day to connect.

1:10 -- Art class in the other building. My backpack is heavy as I walk along the path, but the cool air is refreshing. In art today, we’re finishing sculpting our pet tiles. I’m excited to show my cats at home their own personal tiles made in honor of them!

2:00 -- In Gym today we played a “turkey-hunting” game to gear up for thanksgiving vacation. It was a fun way to decompress.

2:55 -- In Hebrew we played a Hannukah game to practice our vocabulary skills. It was a great way to begin our break!

3:35-- I race to my bus to capture the best seats. The bus ride is a good time to listen to music and I do my hair to be ready for ballet class.

4:40 -- I exit my bus, making sure to say thank you! I race home to quick change and grab a quick snack.

4:55 -- My dad is waiting outside to take me to dance class.

5:10 -- Dance!

7:20 -- Dance is over and I’m home. I start my homework and eat dinner with my family.

9:30 -- I’ve finished all my work, facetimed with my friends, talked with my family, and cuddled with my pets. It’s been a great day and I’m excited for tomorrow!

A Senior:

6:30 -- Get out of bed.

6:45 -- Eat breakfast, pack lunch, start car.

6:55 -- Drive to bus stop.

7:15 -- Take the bus to school.

8:00 -- Arrive at school, head up to senior lounge.

8:15 -- AM - Watch TED Talks about varius things such as technology, stress and creativity.

8:50 -- English - currently reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

9:35 -- Break - After I eat a quick snack in the DC, I head to the senior lounge for a game of ping pong.

10:00 -- Math - learning about derivatives and limits.

10:50 -- Computer Science - preparing for our test on Booleans.

11:35 -- Lunch - Eat and hang out in the DC, then head back to the senior lounge.

12:25-- History - work day for the Research Paper.

1:10 -- Spanish - working on our VHL assignment on the preterite and imperfect conjugations.

2:00 -- JS (Comparative Religion) - listening to a Deacon from a Catholic Church. Learning about Catholicism and the role of a Deacon.

2:55 -- Hebrew - completing the last NETA book!

3:35-- Walk over to the Mitchell building, where I get tested for COVID for basketball.

4:00 -- Head over to Wawa.

4:15 -- Eat snacks from Wawa and get homework done before basketball practice.

5:15 -- Basketball practice

7:00 -- Get on the late bus.

7:45 -- Finally get home.

8:00 -- Eat dinner, shower.

8:30 -- Start homework.

9:30 -- Watch TV.

10:00 -- continue homework.

11:00 -- finish homework.

11:30 -- go to sleep.


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