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Dissecting the Seniors’ Muss Experience

Max Hirsh

A&E Editor

As the seniors’ year comes to a close, many of them are anxiously awaiting their trip to Israel this spring. Through all of the uncertainty and changes to the program, it seems as though the plan is at last finalized. Students will be leaving for Israel on March 27th and returning on May 30th. Despite Barrack maintaining their relationship with AMHSI for this unusual circumstance, students will not be given the traditional Muss experience. Staying for two months as opposed to the standard three, not a second can go to waste. Students will be traveling all over Israel over the course of this two-month span, and because their classes will have finished prior to going on the program, they hope to accomplish just as much in a shorter time period. Hunter Kimmel, a senior who is planning on going on Muss this spring, commended the program for its flexibility in ensuring its curriculum fulfills their needs. “It’s super exciting that we’ll be going on trips every day all over Israel. It seems pointless, in my opinion, to do the traditional muss trip and take classes once we’ve already graduated. I can’t wait to be on the move every day,” Kimmel said.

Another change worth noting is the locations in which the students will be staying. Although it seems like the Hod Hasharon campus has become a cornerstone of the Muss experience, students will be staying on three different campuses this spring (NOT including Hod Hasharon). Jacob Erlbaum, another senior hoping to go to Israel next month, doesn’t seem too fazed by this change. “I think it’ll be kind of awesome to stay on three different campuses and change the status quo….it feels more adventurous,” he said.

There’s no doubt that the seniors will be experiencing a different program than the one this fall - and that may be disappointing to some. But the global pandemic has altered every facet of our lives and we need to adapt to that. All in all, the seniors are very fortunate to even have the opportunity to go abroad this spring, and I think those attending will not regret it for an instant.


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