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Dos And Don’ts of the Eras Tour

Aviva Markowitz

Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Taylor Swift Eras tour is one of the most impactful events in the music industry. While tens of thousands of fans are able to get in, many wait outside and jam out in the parking lot. Here are some tips to get you into the concert!

Tip 1: Buying Tickets

Check resellers! While many are overpriced, the closer to the concert the more likely you can get cheaper seats. Resellers also wait outside the stadium to sell at the last minute. If you’re willing to miss one of the first sets, fans have been given free or low priced tickets after the show has started. Buying more expensive tickets and trading them online is also another option. But make sure to get the right amount so that you’re not taking another fan’s chance at seeing their favorite pop sensation.

Tip 2: Arrival and Merch

The stadium doors open for the VIP fans at 12pm and for regular fans at 4:30pm. The average recommended time to get there is at around 4pm so you can grab the merch you want and be there in time for the opening acts. The merch line has been around an hour and a half, generally not selling out until closer to the start of the concert, so getting there early is helpful, but also won’t completely lower your chances of getting some cool swag. There are merch trucks both in and outside of the stadium, and several concession stands on each level are selling. Merch can range from $35 (a poster) to $75 (a hoodie). The merch trucks also give options for buying the opener’s merch too. In Philly at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium, the stands sold both Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers merchandise. Some merch trucks don’t give out bags, mainly the ones located outside of the stadium, so be aware that you’ll have to carry it throughout the concert.

Tip 3: Food and Drinks

Bringing your own snacks is definitely a smart idea if you want to get merch and be there on time for the openers. The food lines are very long, but the beverage stands were very short and easy to get through. If you want to get food, it’s better to go earlier, but also to get it after merch.

Tip 4: Parking and Pickup

The Eras tour gives the option for both parking and pickup. There is a separate lot for pickup which is located outside the stadium. Make sure you are able to keep in contact with your driver, and have them describe the location they are so it will be easier to find them. For parking, most recommendations say to get there early. Many fans camp outside of the stadium with tables and fun things to do like making friendship bracelets and listening to music. You’ll definitely have to arrive early if you plan on parking, and it will take longer to get on the road since you’re in the stadium.

Tip 5: Outfits and Bracelets

While it’s fun to dress up by wearing glittery dresses and cowboy boots, you have to think about the general situation of the concert. Will you be standing for all three and a half hours of it? If so, wearing sneakers would be the better option. Also, if you’re higher up, it gets cold as the evening goes on. Some fans put on their merch to keep warm, but also bringing a sweatshirt would be helpful. Especially if you want to sit later on in the evening. You’ll see fans wearing friendship bracelets, and if you make them, you’ll be able to trade and have them as a keepsake after the concert. This is part of the Taylor Swift Fan Project, based on the bridge of You’re On Your Own Kid. Also, when you enter the stadium you’ll be handed a LED bracelet with a tab. Make sure to keep the tab after you pull it out so you can put it back in and save the light. Then later on if you pull out the tab even days after the concert, it will still light up.

Though she already finished her Philly part of the tour, she’ll be visiting New Jersey soon! There are many fun parts of the Eras Tour, but it’s also important to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. It will be a long day with lots of fun memories, and make sure to take lots of pictures with your friends and family!



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