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European Disunity

By Ryan Fink, Israel Editor

While Israel’s war in Gaza continues to headline much of the world’s news. With European Union elections slated for early June, many in Europe are ready to have their voices heard. These elections differ from previous ones primarily due to the rise of the far-right faction in Europe. With many different parties across Europe such as The Vox party in Spain and the A.F.D. party in Germany, who are both gaining a large base in their respective countries, many experts are looking to the E.U. elections to see if this new wave of Conservative parties will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, in England, the conservative majority government is looking to send illegal migrants to Rwanda, where many there say it can solve a problem that many countries are facing at the moment, migration. Some argue that deportations to Rwanda are a short-term solution to a more extensive problem. A total of zero deportations have been made though it is likely that the government will achieve its wish of sending the migrants to the tiny East African nation.

Looking to Scandinavia, in March, Sweden became the 32nd member state of N.A.T.O. This move officially broke the country’s historical stance of neutrality. The move to join the alliance occurred just one year after its next-door neighbor, Finland, joined it, prompting Sweden to hasten its application to the group. The final barrier to its acceptance into N.A.T.O. was Turkey, who vetoed it from joining the group but eventually allowed Sweden to join after pressure from its fellow N.A.T.O. counterpart: America.

All the while, the war in Ukraine rages on, with some officials estimating hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides. Ukraine has been struggling in its fight with the Russians partially because aid packages for the eastern European country have been stuck in The U.S. Congress and The E.U. Assembly respectively, with both recently allowing the passing of aid packages to the country. The notion of Modern Europe as being a place of unity is becoming clear to many as false. As the biggest war in Europe since World War II continues, people are being reminded that Europe was formerly the epicenter of conflict, and though Europe is a better place than it was 80 years ago, it continues to struggle with problems that other places of conflict, such as the Middle East, similarly struggle with.


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