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Feeling Blue

Mikaela Garber

Managing Editor

Whether you are struggling with a problem, or want to promote positive mental health, Barrack has the resources for you!

First and foremost, it is important to mention Mrs. Yontef and Mrs. Grolnick, our amazing middle and high counselors, respectively. You can email them with any questions or concerns or even just drop by and see if they are free! They are happy to listen to the good and the bad and can also give you resources and advice if you want them. If you are feeling down and want to talk or vent, I would highly recommend scheduling a time to meet with them.

While at school, you can also utilize various coping techniques. To calm yourself down, you may want to try a short meditation, breathing exercises, or playing with fidgets. Taking a break from an overstimulating situation, even just to go to the bathroom, can also help. If you have a longer period of time, you can opt for a walk outside, listening to music that you enjoy. Typing out a quick vent on your phone or talking to a friend about how you are feeling is a great way to let out your emotions.

An extremely useful service that Barrack has is “Safe2Say Something.” If you are ever worried about the safety of someone else and don’t feel comfortable talking to an adult, you can make an anonymous tip on the “Safe2Say” website. Once the tip is made, it will be reviewed by a team of Barrack administrators who will deal with the situation accordingly.

If you want to share your experience with different mental health topics and listen to those of others, consider attending SpeakUp. SpeakUp is an annual event that occurs during the 2nd trimester and brings together students, parents, and staff in the Barrack community for a discussion about topics that affect middle and high schoolers. If you want to be even more involved with the event, you can join the SpeakUp Leadership Team, where you will have the opportunity to pick the topics for the event. If you are unsure about going, I suggest trying it out; it is only a small time commitment, and hearing other peoples’ stories can really impact your perspective.


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