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How Has TV Changed During Coronavirus?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Becca Miller

A&E Editor

With everyone stuck at home practicing social distancing, boredom is imminent. In the search for activities to fight off burgeoning ennui, many people decide to spend their ample time watching television.

In the era of streaming services and binge-watching, people can watch an entire series in a matter of weeks. There is a constant need for new shows to watch, with everyone begging their friends for recommendations, considering subscriptions to more streaming services, and spending hours upon hours absorbed in TV.

The same pandemic that is increasing the need for new shows has also limited viewing material; the NBA and other sports leagues have been canceled, shows have stopped filming, and movies have been postponed. Other than an episode on April 11 that was produced virtually, the iconic comedy show, Saturday Night, Live was completely shut down. Netflix completely halted all new TV and movie production on March 13, including the popular series, Stranger Things. As of the 14th of March, all Disney+ Marvel shows have been canceled. Warner Bros also ceased production on a plethora of series on March 13. The canceled shows include The Flash and Riverdale, which were shut down after a crew member was exposed to someone who had coronavirus. On March 12, CBS TV Studios canceled many series, like NCIS and The Good Fight, but they allowed several shows to finish the production of their most recent episodes. NBCUniversal shows were also halted, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, New Amsterdam, and Superstore. The NBA season was canceled, but on the NBA website people with a hankering to watch basketball can see old classic games.

Many movies that would have been in theaters right now have been released directly to streaming services. In March, Universal Pictures made an announcement that all of its movies that are showing in theaters are also available to stream, including Emma, The Hunt, and The Invisible Man. Other new movies released to streaming include Bad Boys for Life, Doolittle, Frozen 2, Onward, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Hopefully, everyone and their loved ones will remain safe, both from coronavirus and from death by ennui, and will find good ways to spend their time, whether it’s a new hobby, school work, or just watching all of the TV that Netflix has to offer.

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