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How To Stay Connected Over the Summer

Margot Englander

Features, Games, and Arts Editor

With summer right around the corner comes overnight camp, family vacations, and the absence of everyday school. One of the major problems that students are now facing is “how to stay connected with friends over the summer.” Of course, this year and last year were especially difficult, given the addition of COVID restrictions. If you’re struggling with figuring out how to stay connected, look no further! Here are a couple of COVID-safe suggestions.

  1. Good old fashioned letter writing: If you or a friend are heading to overnight camp this year, the only way to communicate is by writing letters! Time to whip out the old envelopes and stamps! While letters are most commonly used for overnight campers, you can still send letters to friends who aren’t away, and maybe you’ll discover a new-found appreciation for the time before phones.

  2. Hanging out in person (COVID-safe of course): The best way to stay connected is to actually see your friends in person! Nothing can replace the feeling of seeing your friends and talking face to face. A couple of ideas are hanging out at the park, sharing a meal (outdoors and six feet away), or meeting at a friend’s house (preferably one who has a big backyard and space to safely de-mask).

  3. Choose a hobby to “share” with your friends: Sometimes the best way to connect with friends is to share your hobbies and interests. You and your friends can choose a book to read together, a TV show to binge, or an arts and crafts project to work on at the same time.

  4. FaceTime: A fool-proof, comfortable, way to stay connected is to FaceTime/call your friends. This way you can wear pajamas, lie in bed, and basically do whatever you want, while being able to talk to your friends!

  5. Drive-In Movie: If you or a friend has a safe space in your backyards, you can project a movie onto a screen and stay COVID-safe, while watching and enjoying snacks.

  6. Send A “Care” Package: A great way to show your friends that you care about them is to send them packages of things that you know will make them happy. You could send snacks, candles, toys, and other fun things.

Hopefully, this summer, we will be able to see more friends and have more fun than in the summer of 2020.


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