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I Always Went To Camp...What Was I Supposed To Do Now?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Jacob Erlbaum

Staff Writer

The date was May 16 and I was excited as I sat in the car headed to my friend’s farm for the day. Nothing could possibly deter the jubilation that I felt about being able to spend the day on the farm in Northwest PA. Little did I know, that would change abruptly. Shortly into the ride, I received a text: “Camp is canceled”. My heart sank and suddenly those jubilant feelings escaped my body. I was lost. I couldn’t imagine a summer away from Camp Wayne. I had spent the previous seven summers at Wayne, in upstate Pennsylvania, and I could not grasp the idea of not being there. But after a few weeks, the harsh reality set in, and my mind turned to all the things I could do instead. The beach instantly became a place that jumped into my mind. Fortunately, my family decided we would spend the summer at the shore and suddenly, a turn of events that seemed like a disaster did not seem so bad after all. 

Outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and playing sports became the cornerstones of July and August. Hockey in the driveway truly was the centerpiece of my summer. Shooting pucks for hours and dreaming about playing hockey at camp was how I spent the majority of the long summer days.Spending time outdoors with friends somewhat filled in for the time at camp we were missing. Long days on the beach or hours outside playing sports made this a not-so-bad summer after all. Although camp could never be replaced, this summer was better than expected. Looking back at it, I see it as something good that came from a bad situation.  This mindset of changing outlooks can help make the best of every opportunity. 


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