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I Sat Down with Benny Scheinmann

Edan Held

World News Editor

By now, we’ve all heard of the infamous and controversial Batei Barrack sorting quiz. Like almost all Buzzfeed quizzes, you answer a set of questions, and it tells you what house you would fit into. However, there has been some controversy over the quiz — about how your answers are analyzed, if it is completely random, and who would take the quiz to begin with. I sat down with creator, Benny Scheinmann, to ask him his thoughts on it.

Benny, how are you doing?

“I’m doing just ok. I’m a little unsure of why I am here to begin with but I’ll let you ask the questions.”

How long have you been making these types of quizzes for?

“Around 2 days now.”

Do you find joy in creating this?

“No, none at all.”

Lets get into the meat of what I need to accomplish here. What was your idea with your most recent quiz?

“I simply wanted people to be able to take a quiz that showed them what house they were in”

Do any of the questions that you asked have anything to do with what house you are in?

“Ummmm, they don’t exactly. But that’s what makes it fun.”

Looks like we have different definitions of fun. Look, everyone wants to know: are the results different every time?

“I cannot speak to this.”

Benny, the public is begging to know. Are the results random.

“As I said, I cannot speak to this.”

Benny, who is your target audience with this quiz?

At that point in the interview, Mr. Scheinmann barged out of the room, appearing to be in a fit of anger. My big question remains: why would someone that goes to Barrack — someone that already has a BateiBarrack assignment — take the BateiBarrack sorting quiz? That is like Harry Potter taking a Buzzfeed “What Hogwarts House am I” quiz and getting Slytherin — THERE IS NO POINT, HARRY, YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT HOUSE YOU ARE IN, AND EVEN IF YOU GET A DIFFERENT ANSWER, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. Instead, maybe we should send the quiz to other schools in the area, and maybe the admissions office can use it to increase recruitment. With that, I rest my case.


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