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I Sat Down With Johnny Bistline

Benny Scheinmann

Sports Editor

As the third trimester begins so does the last season of sports at Barrack. In 2021, Johnny became the Athletic Director and has had amazing success in this position. This year, the girls varsity basketball team won the Penn Jersey Championship, capping off a truly incredible season. I sat down with Johnny to hear his thoughts on his second year as athletic director and his plans for the future of Barrack athletics.

Johnny has many goals for the future of Barracks athletics which he believes all “start at the middle school level”. He notes that his “main goal is increasing the overall level of the athletic program” and that he “would like to bring in coaches that prepare students for varsity sports”. He feels that in order to have a successful varsity program Barrack needs to “develop skills and create a philosophical pipeline that is consistent from middle school through varsity sports”. This idea of focusing on the middle school level in order to develop our program at Barrack conveys his trust for Barrack's future and his focus on making sure that the future is in good hands.

When asked about long-term goals Johnny had a strong focus on “improving our athletic facilities”. Although Barrack already currently has a beautiful turf field that is utilized for lacrosse and soccer, we are still lacking baseball and softball fields. Johnny's long-term hope may include the addition of a baseball field although he was not clear if that is possible.

Even though Johnny took on the new role of Athletic Director in 2021 he has nonetheless continued his role as Athletic Trainer. When asked if that was tough to balance he responded that it has “definitely been challenging to balance both roles”. Along with that, he commented that he has a “great team around [him]” and that “Ms. Trajtenberg, Mr. Devlin, and Ms. Gillio have supported [him] and help[ed] alleviate some stress” in order for him to do both jobs.

Lastly, Johnny reiterated that his personal favorite part of his job is “watching the success and growth of all of our student-athletes” and that he is extremely excited about what the future holds for Barrack athletics.


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