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Interview with Mrs. Messinger

Margot Englander

Centerspread Editor

What is your favorite memory of being a Core teacher?

I have many amazing memories, but the thing I will probably remember most is the supportive, warm feeling of the Core/JS office.

What are you looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to not getting up in the dark and having my morning coffee while reading the paper.

What is something you would tell your first-year teacher self?

You made the right career choice!

Why did you become a core teacher?

For the first part of my teaching career, I was an elementary school teacher, and I most enjoyed teaching reading, language arts, and social studies. When the Saligman Middle School opened at Perelman, I was asked to teach in the middle school. I went with my passion and taught language arts and social studies. When Saligman merged with Barrack, I became a Core teacher. I love watching students develop their writing skills, challenge their own thinking, and wrestle with difficult concepts.

What are your plans for the summer?

This summer, I will be moving to Northern New Jersey to be near my daughters and my most wonderful grandson, Ashton. Being close to Ashton is the most motivating factor in choosing to retire from Barrack.


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