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Israel's Greatest Inventions

Ari Eisenstadt

Staff Writer

Israel’s innovative inventions have changed the medical and technological world. Without Israel, what would doctors have to test for the cause of internal bleeding if not for the pill cam? What would we do if we had to wake up every morning and drive to school or work without opening Waze? How would Israel be different or survive without the Iron Dome to protect them from Hamas’s attacks?

As of 2022, Israel is ranked 6th in the world index of healthcare innovation because of its incredible advancements, such as nano retinas, research into the cure for cancer, and many more. Doctors in Israel have found a way to insert a device into the eye that works as a retina and enhances the patient's vision called a nano retina. They have also invented the capsule endoscopy, usually called the pill cam, a pill you swallow that records photos of your digestive system. The pill cam helps diagnose cancer, celiac, and inflammatory bowel diseases and to discover bleeding. There is a small risk that the pill gets stuck while traveling through the digestive system, but it is improbable and shouldn’t bother your day plans or work. Since the pill was created in 2001, it has been used in 75 countries and around 1.5 million times. The medical advances continue with the Rewalk, which allows disabled people to walk by tracking their upper body movement. When the body tilts forward, it causes the legs to step forward. Unlike the ones before, one downside of this product is that the Rewalk could cost anywhere between $70,000 and $85,000. Nevertheless, Israel has changed the medical world for the better and continues to be a place fostering medical development.

Israel's medicine is not the only thing that stands out because of its groundbreaking technological developments. Israel is credited with inventing the navigation app Waze. Waze is innovative and differentiates itself from Google Maps by using its followers' information about where a car crash is and the traffic to direct others to a faster route. Also, it has adorable emoticons to keep you company when you're stuck in traffic. Simcha Blass also invented a drip irrigation system that preserves water. Water is preserved by transporting it directly to the area of the root that absorbs it. This is a critical creation for Israel because it allows them to use their limited source of water in other ways and for the world because it is a good reform to improve global warming. While Waze and drip irrigation are adored, a more relevant invention is the Iron Dome. A device that has been crucial in defending Israel throughout the current war and against the spontaneous missile attacks this year. The Iron Dome uses radars that can sense missiles and rockets from around 60 miles away and send response missiles to shoot the episode down. Additionally, the missiles are supposed to be able to distinguish between the attacks heading toward highly populated places and target those rockets. It is incredibly effective working around 94% of the time, but each interceptor costs around 50,000 dollars. Israel is willing to spend a tremendous amount of money to protect its people, an intelligent decision that was praised by Jonathan Conricus, who said, "The number of Israelis killed and wounded would be far higher if it had not been for the Iron Dome system, which has been a lifesaver as it always is."

What would the world be like without Israel? It would not be as advanced or knowledgeable in the medical field or have the same technology.


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