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Johnny Reflects On His Time At Barrack

Manny Shklar

Managing editor

For the last seven years, Johnny Bistline has been a positive, prominent and beloved figure in our JBHA community. He came to Barrack to be our athletic trainer, but he has been so much more for us. He became our athletic director two years ago, along with teaching a senior anatomy class and health classes. Most importantly, Johnny has always been a kind person to everybody. Whether you’ve played one sport, been a student of his or spent every day at the Mitchell building, Johnny has always provided positivity and meaningful greetings to everyone. He will be moving on now to a new job, and unfortunately this has been his last year at Barrack. While we all know Johnny will do amazing things in the future, he will be missed by every student and faculty member. In order to learn more about Johnny, we conducted an interview to recap his time here.

What is your new job, and what are you looking forward to most in it?

My new job is working in Hazardous Waste, where I will be coordinating the transportation and pickup of hazardous material that is regulated by the EPA (basically, I am saving the environment!). I am most looking forward to traveling within the northeast, as clients are within a 3-hour radius.

What made your new position so intriguing?

There were a multitude of factors that were intriguing about this new position. First, I get to use my science background when combining chemicals and determining the chemical makeup of certain waste, so that I can figure out where it needs to go so it can be disposed of properly - it's like trying to solve a puzzle.

The second factor in my switch was the schedule. In my new role, I create my own schedule and work Monday through Friday. I get married in October, and with some big life changes incoming, I was looking for a change in work/life balance.

What will you miss most about your job at Barrack?

The community. I have been at Barrack since graduating from college (7 years has gone by so fast!), and the community at Barrack has been like my second family. I have connected with students and families on a personal level, and I will miss those relationships the most.

What were some of your favorite moments in your time at Barrack?

This is probably a cliche answer, but my favorite moments are when teams have won the championship - in my seven years here, I have seen at least ten league championships. I have the pleasure of watching student-athletes work together every single day to achieve the goal of being successful, and to see the pure joy after winning a championship is priceless.

What message do you want to leave for Barrack's student-athletes?

Just as you have grown as students, athletes, people, and leaders, I have grown with you. It has been my honor and pleasure to learn with you and from you over these last 7 years, and I will be forever grateful for the time I was able to lead, guide, and help you. I will not be a stranger, and I plan on coming to games to support you. GO Cougars!!!!

Johnny, we as a community cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us, from healing our injuries to teaching us inside and outside the classroom. Your work has always been done carefully and flawlessly, and it was never done without a smile. All of your efforts will be remembered here, and we wish you all the best in the future. You will always have a special place in our Barrack community and be welcomed with open arms.


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