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Keeping Up with the Chronicle Staff

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Shirin Kaye


This spring marks one year since COVID-19 disrupted our lives. Last year, we asked Chronicle staff members about hobbies they picked up in quarantine. This year, we hope to shine more light into the immense darkness by asking editors what they enjoy and recommend doing during the pandemic.

Kayla Bleier: Because of the pandemic, I’ve been able to explore more of my creative projects, whether it is murals or paintings or progressing in my music.

Daniel Cohen: One thing I like about online learning is that I am able to get much more sleep.

Niva Cohen: Because of the pandemic, I’ve had plenty of free time to read and write. My vocabulary has expanded and I’ve been able to explore my creativity.

Raphael Englander: I would recommend a movie night with friends via Zoom. You can use Netflix or Hulu Watch Party to have a fun time.

Blake Fox: I have enjoyed spending more time learning about law and the constitution, specifically by reading the Federalist Papers. I have also been able to continue playing tennis for much of the time.

Shirin Kaye: My family and I have more time to make and enjoy homemade desserts!

Becca Miller: Something good I’ve done is started having Zoom dinners with my grandparents.

Mrs. Judith Pransky: Try out a jigsaw puzzle -- one with a picture that intrigues you and that has at least 500 pieces. My husband and I prefer ones with 1,000 sturdy pieces that have interesting shapes. For some people, “puzzling” works like meditation: when you’re concentrating on the puzzle, your mind is taking a rest from the turmoil of this crazy year. And completing the puzzle gives you a feeling of satisfaction -- a feeling that you have created order from chaos.

Benny Scheinmann: Something good I’ve done despite the pandemic is I’ve been focusing on my mental health more and doing things to improve it. I recommend the same for people because one’s mental health is extremely important.

Maya Shavit: I like the flexibility of my schedule now that I don’t need to ride the bus every day to school.

Aron Shklar: During the pandemic, I have done multiple rounds of JRA food delivery with my family, helping deliver food to people in need.

What is something good you have done or enjoyed, because of or despite the pandemic? Email your answer to


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