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Jemma Dengel

Staff Writer

Mini-Thon took place on May 23rd and was a fun, collective, community event where the student body joined together to fight childhood cancer. Thon was able to raise over $16,000 to fund cancer research, surpassing our baseline goal of 10,000 dollars and here’s how:

With the purchase of an admissions ticket, you were given five raffle tickets, free food, and access to many fun activities. The Mini-Thon club included extra fundraisers such as pie-ing and dunking a teacher and buying extra raffle tickets for valued prizes. Sixers tickets, Phillies’ tickets, gift cards, Barrack gear, sneakers, a brunch basket, and jewelry were some of the most sought after raffle prizes.

The first half of Thon had a great selection of food including pizza, fried rice, Rita’s, soft pretzels, and dip-n-dots. There were many yard games to choose from, including a bouncy house, corn-hole, water balloon toss, and spike ball. I also loved seeing the staff alumni basketball tournament. This was so funny and brought all ages together. During the second half of mini Thon there was a dance party on the turf. After this we all gathered to hear reveal the raffle winners and ultimately the amount of money raised.

This amazing event showed our school’s dedication. It especially highlighted our Derech Eretz values (helping others). From this, we have been able to raise the more money from Mini-Thon than in previous years, all in the name of fighting childhood cancer.


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