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Muss FAQ

Addison Smith

Israel Editor

As the school year comes to a close, a new one is just around the corner, and with that, the beginning of Muss. Muss, otherwise known as Alexander Muss High School in Israel, is a three month program that the rising 11th graders embark on towards the end of August. Studying abroad for three months is a scary thing to think about in general, let alone when you are 16, so a lot of questions come to mind for the 10th graders when Muss is brought up. I have interviewed and asked many people about their questions, fears, and concerns relating to Muss.

A big concern on the forefront of most people’s minds when thinking about Muss is rooms. People are concerned about how much rooming matters while in Israel. Well, I am here to tell you that Muss rooms, although they seem like the MOST important thing, are really not. One of the best parts about Muss is that you can choose who to spend time with, and there is no exception when it comes to rooms. If you don’t particularly like your room assignments, then fine, only go in your room when it’s time to sleep. If you love your room, perfect - spend every second with your roommates. The point is, your room assignments are only as important as you make them, and if you are never in your room, that's a bonus because you’ll get to become friends with so many more people.

The next question is how much does school really matter? Obviously, I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t try in school because that would be wrong of me, but school is very different in Israel; you only have school in the classroom two or three days a week, and it's very spread out, meaning you could have a three hour break in between classes. Long story short, school is important no matter where you are but don’t let your school work take away from time that you could spend with your friends. Make sure to get all of your school work done and get the best grades that you can get, but don’t stress over it, because the second you get back to Barrack, it will be all work so enjoy the time with less school work and stress.

There are also some things that weren't asked, but I think are important to know. Your driver will likely be very nice, so make sure to always say “shalom” when you are leaving and entering the bus. Also, one thing that is pretty minor but something that I always appreciated is that everyone matches vibes on the bus. You’re sleepy, well look around, and I’m sure everyone else is sleepy too; you’re happy and excited, I’m sure the vibe of the bus is fun and upbeat, and I’m sure someone will be playing music in the background. Another thing that might not have been thought about is food. The campus obviously provides food, but I’ll be honest and say that it really isn’t the best. I recommend going to the supermarket the second you can to pick up some food you can microwave and some snacks for your room. Also, Wolt is dangerous; you can spend A LOT of money if you’re not careful; trust me we've all been there. However, if you are going to Wolt, get roll n’ roll, Yomi Sushi, Asia Monica for wings, La Piazza for amazing focaccia and pasta (get the Pasta Roza or Pesto), Piano Piano for the BEST caprese salad, and Little Sisters Pizza. For dessert, make sure to Wolt Mr. Pretzels and Oldies Concept bar. For dinner and dessert when you go out, Asian Deli is the best and Pasta Mia is so good, and for dessert, there is NO beating Illusion’s frozen yogurt. When you are staying in Jerusalem, you have to order the french toast from Zuni. I hate french toast, and this is the best french toast I have ever had; it’s fluffy, sweet and comes with toppings. In all seriousness though, Muss is there to step outside of your comfort zone, make new friends, and learn to let loose; if someone is having a dance party, run over and dance like nobody’s watching, because these are the memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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