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Netflix, is it really worth it?

Addison Smith

Opinion Editor

Over the past couple of years, more and more streaming services are popping up, and each one requires a subscription. It has begun to feel like every show or movie you want is on a different streaming service. But in this constantly changing world, with more and more ways to watch a movie, there has always been one that has stood the test of time: Netflix. Netflix has been around since 1997, and although the format has changed since then, the business model has always been the same: you pay and get entertainment in return. However, since then, Netflix has angered more people than ever, taking off shows and movies that people love, canceling their shows, taking too long to produce new seasons, and, most recently, changing their policy altogether. Netflix’s new policy is geared toward making more people spend more money and inconveniencing their users altogether. The policy is meant to limit the number of people able to be logged onto one account by setting a primary location. All of the other devices that are not in the primary location will be logged out every 31 days. They also added a feature where if you have the premium or standard plan, for an extra fee, you can add one or two separate accounts where their primary location can be different from yours. What this means is that it is your account, and all of your info transfers over, but instead of you paying for it, it is being paid for by the owners of the original account you were on.

The main feature that is getting everyone upset is the automatic log-out after 31 days, and for good reasons, too. Do people like college students now have to go home every month to log back into Netflix? Some people might not mind this change, but the majority of us do. At this point in time, Netflix has taken off many amazing shows making people less and less happy. Soon people will choose to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, which we are already seeing happen. One outcome is that this will bring Netflix’s ratings down altogether because more and more people will reach for other services like Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, or even Peacock.

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