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Productivity-- it’s All About Perspective

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Eliana Pasternak

Staff Writer

Between shorter school days and exponentially increased time at home, the opportunities to take up new hobbies or improve on existing skills are endless. Despite the fact that many have a difficult time differentiating their home-life from school when they never leave the house, they can still find ways to be productive.

With students attending classes from home, it’s much easier to get a jumpstart on homework. Few students mourn the loss of a commute to and from Barrack. Now, as soon as the school day ends, they can quickly start on any task at hand. A later start to the day also allows students to complete any unfinished assignments before class begins.

Additionally, staying home fosters a judgment-free environment. Starting a book, drawing, or chasing after any other productivity-driven pursuit is more manageable when there’s no pressure from peers. The best part of striving for productivity during this pandemic is that you set your own bar.

On the other hand, productivity is measured differently by nearly everyone: where one person might find cleaning his or her room a great success, others could be satisfied with nothing short of learning a new language. To display newfound pastimes, many people have taken to social media. While viewing gourmet pastries and finished novels on Instagram, some natural overachievers may feel pressured to “measure up” to the rest of the world. All of a sudden, baking chocolate chip cookies feels pathetic in comparison. It’s important to remember that even though other people’s work may seem impressive, if your efforts are good enough for you, they’re spectacular. As long as people keep their personal goals in mind, they can be productive thanks to all of the spare time quarantine has gifted them with.


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