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Professional Athletes Against the Law

Jonah Thomas

Staff Writer

Recently, two big-name NFL players have faced serious criminal charges. Beginning with recently released wide receiver, Henry Ruggs III was driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level of .16%. Ruggs III was driving at 156mph at 3:39 AM in his Chevrolet Corvette and crashed into another car from the rear. The car that Ruggs III hit had a 23-year-old woman, Tina Tintor, and her dog in the car. The car went up in flames and both Tintor and her dog tragically die due to the fire of the car and impact from the crash. Ruggs III is facing two DUI charges for reckless driving and bodily harm and also one charge for a loaded gun with ammunition in his car. Ruggs had a bail set at $150,000 and a second trial on November 10th. Ruggs III could possibly face 50 years in prison.

Houston Texans’ Quarterback Deshaun Watson has been accused of 22 charges of coercive and lewd sexual behavior, two of which are charges of sexual assault. As of this writing, Watson’s lawyers deny all charges against him and he has not faced any punishment, but the investigation is ongoing. Currently, he is sitting out the 2021 NFL season due to an abundance of issues, all of which are bringing into question his future with the Texans.


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