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Sean Rochester: Barrack’s New Girls’ Varsity Basketball Head Coach

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Jacob Erlbaum

Staff Writer

You can hear the excitement in Sean Rochester’s voice when he is talking about the talented Barrack Cougars Girls’ Varsity Basketball team. Rochester is taking over the reigns as Head Coach following an impressive championship season in 2019-2020. When asked about his interest in the head coaching position, Rochester’s enthusiasm is evident:“It was the first and last school I was interested in.” In the interview process, Rochester had the chance to speak with many players via Zoom. It did not take long for Rochester to realize that, “The girls are extremely dedicated to the team which is something that stood out to me and enhanced my interest in the position.” The success of last season is also something that stood out to Rochester. Armed with a championship win, the new coach is understandably thrilled to work with the talented team. “Being able to return the team’s top five leading scorers” also allows Rochester to  be extremely excited about the team's prospects and their room for improvement. 

It’s not just the play on the court that impressed Rochester.  What stood out to him during the interview process was the players' powerful bond. “The culture and togetherness of the players is really strong,” he said.  Rochester understands that every great team must have chemistry on and off the court, and he undoubtedly sees that in the Cougars. In spite of the pandemic, the team has tried to find ways to stay together.  Players and coaches have held Zoom calls and even created a workout challenge in preparation for the upcoming season. 

When it comes time for the new season, Rochester said, “It is important that the team looks forward and not back on the successes of last season.” There is no doubt that the team’s success last year was monumental, but keeping morale up and staying focused is the biggest priority for the Cougars this year. Rochester emphasized the importance of focusing and working hard to win another championship as, “We cannot get caught up on last season’s championship, we must stay focused on the task of winning the championship this season.”

Ultimately, it is perfectly clear that Rochester is ready and exhilirated to take over as Head Coach and hopefully help lead the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team to another championship in 2020-2021. 


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