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Senior Reflections on Their Time at Barrack

Benny Scheinmann

School News Editor

Many Barrack students look forward to the end of the second trimester as it is the longest and hardest of the three. Trimester three is the beginning of “the home stretch,” with only one trimester to go before summer. However, some students feel differently. For the class of 2022, this marks the beginning of their last semester. And as their time at Barrack nears an end, the seniors prepare to say goodbye. As Max Hirsh prepares for this bittersweet goodbye, he says that his “experience at Barrack has been amazing” and that Barrack is different from other schools because of the “tight-knit community we have,” which is “something [he] wouldn't trade for anything.” As a high schooler at Barrack myself, this message about the community really hit home and made me sad for when I will have to leave this amazing family that we have here.

Another senior this year, Nina Berkowitz, commented on her departure from Barrack, saying that “Barrack has been a very welcoming environment” and how she “loved the opportunities [she's] been given to make positive changes to the school.” Due to Barrack’s size, the administration can take a lot of input from the students. Nina has felt that she has been able to voice her opinions, and she is proud of the changes she's made during her 7 year Barrack journey.

Unfortunately, sometimes the fun that Barrack has to offer can be overshadowed by the stressful workload. With the right guidance, however, this can be managed. Senior Rebecca Scheinamnn says that “being a successful Barrack student is all about time management and balance. Make sure you are on top of your assignments, so you have time to relax and time to enjoy the fun parts of high school.” This may seem self-explanatory, but simply making a schedule and not doing long-term assignments the night before they are due can help students enjoy their time more fully.

Lastly, although cliche, being yourself is important to being successful at Barrack. Roni Cohen, a fantastic student-athlete at Barrack, said to “take risks” and to “never be afraid to fail in a class or a sport” along with that, he gave important advice to young students to “not worry about what others think or say.”

As we say goodbye to these seniors, I am confident that they will do amazing things wherever they go next year. I offer a sincere thank you for everything you all have done for the Barrack community. You will be missed.


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