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Tent vs. Staying Home -- Student Perspective

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Sophia Mittman

Staff Writer

Students have different opinions on the hybrid plan at Barrack during the COVID-19 pandemic. After interviewing multiple students about their opinions on tent school or online school, the Chronicle learned that more students enjoyed learning in the tents than staying home while the majority of their class was learning in person.

The hybrid plan, one week in person and one week at home, can be confusing and stressful. During in-person weeks, some kids are online full time while the rest of the class are in person in the tents. Many students think it is better to be in person because it feels emotionally essential to be social despite the COVID-19 circumstances. One student in the class of 2024 who is learning in person said, "Even though it is a difficult time right now, I enjoy coming to school every day to see my teachers and friends."

While interacting with classmates seems to be the most positive aspect of physically coming to school during COVID-19, some students choose to come to school in person due to the difficulties learning online presents. A ninth grader who learns remotely said, "I find it very difficult to learn from home while my whole class is together outside in the tent because the background noises make it very hard to hear and focus." When students virtually attend classes during days where the majority of their grade is in person, they must face distractions like wind, side conversations, and general noises that interfere with their learning experience. However, noise is an issue whether it be at home or in person. A student in ninth grade who learns both remotely and in person said, "It's much easier to learn when I'm in person with everyone than when I am home, but when I'm in the tent, sometimes I cannot hear my teacher because of the wind." The technical difficulties associated with learning virtually are inescapable, as virtual students might not be able to see the board and then not be able to take their notes properly. Another freshman said, "I don't mind when my whole class is not in the tent because students are at home, but it can be annoying if I was in the tent and I had a partner assignment, and my partner is at home." Capturing the essence of Barrack’s community is difficult when people are physically split apart.

There are many perspectives on student learning during COVID-19. In the tent, students struggle to hear their teachers and follow all safety precautions, and at home, technology tends to act finicky from the teacher’s side and the students’. Still, Barrack is trying its best to work out these problems and ensure that everyone has a great learning experience through these difficult times.


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