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The Future of Barrack: The Newest Addition to our Curriculum

Jillian Shweky

Opinion Editor

There has been a lot of excitement following the announcement of a more personalized curriculum for students at Barrack. Three diverse "institutes" will be available for upper school students to join, each focused on a specific area: Business, Art, and STEAM. Unlike general classes like History, Math, or English, students get to select which institute they want to be a part of based on their passions.

The STEAM Institute prioritizes outside-the-box thinking and teamwork in areas including engineering, computer science, art, and design. The Business and Entrepreneurship Institute teaches economics, budgeting, strategy, and marketing. In this program, students receive a basis in all aspects of what it takes to build and run a business successfully. Students learn skills for collaboration, organization, and presentation. Lastly, the Art Institute instructs on foundational artistic techniques and concepts while encouraging creativity and self-expression. Students interested in a career in art and design will have the opportunity to develop a portfolio to present to colleges. The institute program differs from electives in that it allows for progression, in the area of study that one chooses, throughout one's high school career.

Each student will select the institute that interests them most. Though each institute has specific areas of study, there is room for customization depending on the student. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to participate in events like DECA for Business or local science fairs for STEAM. Barrack’s commitment to continually evolving its curriculum to make the school as student-focused as possible is evident in this new program. With these institutes, students will be provided with building blocks that will give them a head start in various fields for real-world opportunities.


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