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The Real Reasons Behind the Senior Lounge Closing

Manny Shklar

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Finally, after a long start to the school year, the senior lounge has reopened to the public. From offices being moved to seniors having to sit in the hallways, everyone is happy with this outcome. But the supposed “broken water pipes” took a suspiciously long time to finish, and that’s led to many students asking the same question: Why did the senior lounge actually close? After thorough research and anonymous experiments, I have come to many possible conclusions.

The most likely scenario has to do with the infamous ping-pong incident. Many students are still unaware of the details, as it appeared to happen very early in the year. I struggled to find a comment from any teachers or seniors about it, as legal actions have forced many to remain silent. I did my own exploring, and after finding just one paddle stuck in a wall of the lounge, while the others remain undiscovered, I believe this could be the breakthrough. While many spectators of the horrific event would likely call it an accident, I’m not convinced. Losing one’s temper during a ping-pong game is nothing new, but to suddenly make the table and almost all the other equipment disappear is almost unheard of. As local police came in and out of the school through all hours of the night in order to make sure students didn’t see them, they were stumped by the lack of clues. Something just didn’t add up in this scenario. Whether it was a teacher or student, on purpose or accidental, we can only be sure of one thing: there will be consequences.

Another possible scenario I’ve found evidence of is that the senior class did not have enough funds to keep the lounge the whole year. They settled on getting it for about two months, as that was all they could afford, despite years of sales and hard work. Some seniors believe their money was stolen, but in reality we all know they spent too much on getting every student a Batei Barrack lanyard. The rest of the student body is suspicious of a private meeting between the senior class to decide what their next course of action should be. After reviewing security footage, it appears that many were in favor of “borrowing” money from the junior class. This did not end up working as it was immediately shot down by the administration. Others believed they should take out a loan and pay back the school later. They eventually came to a peaceful conclusion and decided to take the school’s offer of two months with the lounge.

Following my thorough research and in-depth interviews from teachers and students, it is clear that there were no “broken pipes” in the senior lounge. The administration is working with the seniors to cover up a big secret, and it’s only a matter of time until we can expose it. No matter the consequences of the eventual result, we can be sure that Barrack will never be the same.


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