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The Shroud of Shabbos Shmooze

Rachel Loeb

Managing Editor

The day had come. It was Friday, 9:45 AM, and I was itching to get out of my seat. The entire week had led up to this moment, and as the minutes passed, you could see every student in the class getting increasingly impatient and focusing their gaze on the clock. Nothing will stop us from getting to the lobby on time. The second hand seemed to be going backward, each minute more excruciating than the last. I overheard the classic debate between two of my classmates about whether challah bites or pretzels are tastier and which one would be chosen for this shabbos shmooze. I quickly chimed in with my own opinion- soft pretzels are clearly the superior option. The debate grows heated as other people from my class add their thoughts. The teacher desperately tried to change the topic, but this worked to no avail as all the students had their minds focused on matters far greater than class. Finally, realizing the futility of her efforts, the teacher admitted defeat and let us out a minute early so we could race to the place that had been on our minds for the past week, the table in the lobby. I had been waiting for the Shmooze all week, and my mood for the rest of the day, let alone the week, rested on the result of the next ten minutes.

Alongside my classmates, I sprinted down the stairs, almost running into a sixth grader. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I heard the loud noises of students talking and music playing, and I knew I was late. I anxiously exited the staircase, looking to see how many people had beat me there and, even more importantly, what food the table held this week. Surrounding the table is a dense crowd of students, both middle and high schoolers, hoping to get a taste of whatever is there. Getting to the front requires you to exert your authority and put your morals aside in favor of pushing others away. You will get shoved around by the other students and their backpacks, but it will all be worth it. So that’s exactly what I did. As I pushed my way through the throng of students, I heard gasps. “What is it this week? What is it?” I finally got to the front, and what I saw shocked me. It was Insomnia Cookies.


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