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Top 5 Shows to Watch With Your Family

Jessie Singer

Staff Writer

Do you and your family ever find yourselves in the mood to sit down and binge-watch a TV show together? Do you ever get perfectly situated on the couch, turn on the television, and recline back, only to find that you have no idea what to watch? If your family is anything like mine, then you’ve probably spent countless hours scrolling through Netflix, watching trailer after trailer, only to decide on...nothing. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and no one show can ever unanimously unite all parties. The next time you find yourself in this frustrating predicament, unable to settle on the perfect family TV show, please refer to the following guide for flawless family recommendations that will keep everyone happy and engaged!

1. Parenthood

Based on the 1989 Steve Martin movie of the same name, Parenthood is a must-watch, and deserves the top spot in your family’s queue. Parenthood follows the ups and downs of the Braverman family, whose children have all reached adulthood and are grappling with their own families, successes, and setbacks, while unfailingly remaining close and connected. Parenthood makes a truly exceptional family show given its refusal to shy away from important topics such as divorce, autism, adoption, cancer, and, of course, many other trials and tribulations that accompany raising children. The show’s focus on real-world adult issues will undeniably appeal to parents, while the many light-hearted teenage tropes and humorous incidents will keep teens engaged and satisfied.

2. The Fosters

The second spot on this list belongs, deservedly so, to The Fosters. Centered around Stef and Lena Foster and their wonderfully chaotic large family of real, adopted, and foster children, The Fosters explores real world issues surrounding the foster care system, adoption, addiction, LGBTQ families, and social justice. Armed with an abundance of teenage drama guaranteed to keep children engaged, as well as a deep examination of current controversies to occupy the parents’ attention, The Fosters is certain to appeal to all family members.

3. This is Us

This is Us is enticing, contemporary, and unique, given its modern feel and unparalleled ability to sensibly and flawlessly shift between various time periods within the same story line. Following Jack and Rebecca Pearson, as well as their three children, throughout various stages of their lives, This is Us provides viewers with complex, thoughtful and likable characters, current, relevant themes, and an overall fantastic viewing experience. Families of all kinds will enjoy this show, as it touches on many issues relatable to both adults and children, while undeniably remaining appealing to both.

4. A Million Little Things

Although A Million Little Things certainly is slightly more adult-geared than its predecessors on this list, its positioning on this esteemed top five is still undoubtedly well deserved. Instead of focusing solely on one family, A Million Little Things centers its storyline around the incredibly close friendship of three adult men following the suicide of their fourth groupmate, and explores topics around the complexity of suicide and coping with loss. However, This is Us is also a great family show, given its large focus on the families and social lives of each of these four men, as well as the show’s ability to rationalize and expose important issues in a thoughtful, wholesome, and complex manner.

5. Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is certainly the most controversial option on this list, and for one simple reason: it’s about football. However, I confidently maintain that you do not need to like football, or even sports as a whole for that matter, in order to enjoy this show. Friday Night Lights follows the beloved high school football team of a small Texas town, and covers a variety of topics ranging from teamwork and high school drama to marriage, romance, and love. The show’s perfect combination of exciting football, lovable characters, and small-town drama makes Friday Night Lights the perfect family show that everyone is guaranteed to love.


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