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Usher, Alicia Keys, and More Perform at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Aviva Markowitz

Arts & Entertainment Editor

This year’s 58th Super Bowl Halftime Show was performed by Usher, Alicia Keys, H.E.R,, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, and Ludacris. The show started off tame with the regular popular songs and dances, but as the show progressed, people were shocked again and again. The first thing people online have been talking about was Keys’ off-tune start to her infamous song “If I Ain’t Got You”. Controversy sparked when during Usher’s songs “Bad Girl” and “OMG”, women were dancing on stripper poles when the show is labeled as “family friendly”. Though it was surprising, the Super Bowl Halftime Show has gotten less and less family friendly throughout the years (throwback to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in 2020). People were also disturbed by how close Keys and Usher got during their performance of the song “My Boo”, especially since afterwards Usher announced his marriage to Jennifer Goiceochea. Another shocker was when Usher showed the world really how skilled he was by roller skating, dancing, and singing all at the same time. This really surprised the audience, turning their attention away from the previous scandalous song with Keys.


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