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Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches

Ari Eisenstadt

Staff Writer

Here's the question everyone is dying to know: can you classify a hot dog as a sandwich? Before I can share the public's opinion on the topic, the definition is necessary, so according to the Oxford dictionary, a sandwich is "an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal." Additionally, when asked in a survey taken at the Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy 2023, 51.4% (19 people) said it does not qualify as a sandwich, 43.2% (16 people) said it was, and 5.4% (2 people) said yes, but only under specific conditions. There is a lot more behind the percentage than just yes or no because most people said one of these three things could make or break its qualifications:

  1. The type of bread used

  2. The toppings or lack of toppings

  3. Whether or not the bun is connected

Many argued that the bread had the same kind and thickness as a hoagie or sub; therefore hot dogs would be considered a sandwich. Especially in comparison to a wrap or tortilla, where the bread is thin and more mobile, allowing it to create shapes that look less like a traditional sandwich. On the other hand, the New York Department of Taxation and Finance states that it doesn't matter if it's "made on bread, on bagels, on rolls, in pitas, [or] in wraps"; it is still classified as a sandwich.

Another way to define whether a hot dog is a sandwich is if there are additional fillers. The New York Department of Taxation and Finance also has something to add, mentioning that a sandwich is a sandwich"regardless of the filling.” Despite this point, various people felt that the toppings determined how a hot dog would be categorized. An anonymous person noted that the additional toppings made it feel more like a sandwich because numerous sandwiches hold more than one garnish and flavor. For example, a traditional sandwich is the PB&J, a global sensation with a mix of flavors that everyone knows, just like a hotdog with ketchup, because most know what that tastes like which makes it more recognizable as a sandwich. Many disagree and think that a hotdog is sufficient because it fills the space between the bread.

Most of the controversy took place when discussing the third topic:how important is it for the bun to be connected? This argument is critical because the definition says there must be two pieces of bread, and a bun is one with an opening. Some think it’s acceptable for the bun to be attached because the purpose of the bread is still fulfilled despite there not being two pieces.

With all the information already stated, my verdict is that a hot dog is a sandwich only if the bun has been broken into two pieces because otherwise, it is not following a sandwich's definition.


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