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Barrack Athlete Spotlight: Stefanie Rose

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Shirin Kaye


Jack Barrack Hebrew Academy’s Athletics Department is made up of many middle schoolers, high schoolers, and coaches dedicated to fitness and teamwork. Stefanie Rose ‘20 is a senior who has been an avid member of this dedicated group all through high school. She agreed to speak with the Chronicle about her experiences on Barrack’s soccer, swim, and lacrosse teams.

Chronicle: What do you like about your sports?

Stefanie Rose: One of the reasons I play sports is to stay in shape, but, more importantly, to make connections with people across grades. Being part of a team makes me feel like I am part of a whole, and that whole has the same goal: to play strongly and to win. I have found that sports have allowed me to create many more friendships; I love the feeling of walking down the hall when people from different grades say hi to me and when I am able to talk to them as well.

C: When and how were you introduced to the sports you play at Barrack?

SR: I was introduced to soccer as a freshman because, even though I had never played, I wanted to give it a try. With regard to soccer, my mom played in high school for Akiba, so I thought it would be a nice connection for the two of us to share. I started swimming when I was in third grade for an outside team, and have been competing ever since. I also started playing lacrosse as a freshman, and ended up loving it and becoming the goalie.

C: What is special about being part of Barrack teams?

SR: Playing sports for Barrack is so special because you are able to see your teammates during school. Since our school is small, it is so nice that I am able to talk and hang out with my teammates outside of the sport, and I think that makes for an even better chemistry for playing on the field together.

C: Besides sports, what do you enjoy?

SR: I love going on roller coasters; I can spend an entire day at Six Flags and be perfectly content.

The school wishes Stef and her classmates luck in continuing their sports careers in college!


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