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Barrack Sports Update

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Danny Cohen

Sports/Layout Editor

Due to COVID-19, Barrack has been very precautionary with its sports. In a normal world, there would be various Barrack winter sports, including basketball, swimming, and indoor track; however, only basketball is being played this season. Currently, there are only practices, with players required to wear masks and maintain six-foot distancing at all times. Obviously, playing in a mask is much more tiring, so coaches have been giving players more water breaks, where they step outside and still maintain social distancing. Since off-campus sites such as Harcum and Haverford are off limits, Barrack has utilized its own outdoor tennis courts, equipping them with baskets so teams can practice, if weather permits. While we would all like to be playing a real season right now, with normal practices and games, it can simply not be done, and Barrack is trying its best to provide somewhat of a basketball season for its students.


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