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Homework Beach Reads are a Summer Need

Ari Eisenstadt

Staff Writer

Do you remember the stress you felt when you opened up your summer math packet and realized that you don’t remember any of the material? Well, it may be frustrating, but that feeling would be amplified if it came on your first day of class in front of everyone. Summer homework is nobody’s favorite, but it is necessary for students to be successful in entering the year prepared. For instance, looking through your notes and completing your math work is both a good habit to use for studying and will help students to start their year ready to continue learning. This idea also translates to History and English. You might struggle to write at the same level you did in the past, or maybe you’ll forget simple grammatical issues, such as how to avoid using the passive voice. Doing work before school, however, can help to ease students into the upcoming year and be a good time to transition into the academic mindset.

Also students grasp concepts best when they are being taught continuously, and the long summer break causes a lot of forgetfulness. Without doing summer homework, it would take much longer to bring people back up to speed. Practice makes perfect, so the more classes you have on a subject the more you’ll understand it. But when you don’t focus on a topic for a long time, you may forget, and need a refresher. An article from Rosetta Stone wrote an article explaining that you can learn a second language quickest by immersing yourself, therefore practicing everyday, which must be why Duolingo is always badgering me with notifications. With all this being said, there is such a thing as too much summer homework, and there’s a fine line between what is beneficial to the students and what is causing unnecessary anxiety.


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